Advanced Safety

Calca Solutions' ScavOx® 35% hydrazine prioritizes safer work environments with almost zero worker exposure to fumes.

Convenient Packaging Options

We offer a range of packaging options to suit diverse requirements.

Cost-Effective Treatment

ScavOx® hydrazine comes with a low equivalent weight, does not generate by-products requiring additional treatments, and offers a competitive price point.

Product Information

Boiler corrosion is costly. Nationally, the bill for metal repairs, lost energy and time lost because of maintenance shutdowns runs into millions of dollars each year. Yet, corrosion in boilers is relatively inexpensive to prevent.

Most boiler corrosion is due to dissolved oxygen carried into the steam generating system with the feed water. The obvious answer to the problem is to get rid of the oxygen before it can cause damage. In most systems, this is done by both mechanical oxygen removal in deaerators, and by the addition of chemical reducing agents. These agents, which combine rapidly with dissolved oxygen to form harmless reaction products, are known as “oxygen scavengers.”

Scav-Ox® 35% hydrazine solution has proved to be an extremely effective oxygen scavenger. At high boiler temperatures it outperforms sodium sulfite, the other most commonly used oxygen scavenger. Calca Solutions has broadened the scope of hydrazine’s advantages with a 35% hydrazine solution that has been catalyzed to react rapidly with oxygen at low temperatures: Scav-Ox® II (organic catalyst).

Since mechanical features, physical conditions and water treatment chemistry of various steam generating systems vary, Calca Solutions’ line is designed to provide the right product for the right purpose. Most important, the catalyzed product has removed the only significant disadvantage of hydrazine – its slowness, compared with sodium sulfite, in reacting with oxygen at low temperatures.

Advantages of Scav-Ox Hydrazine Solutions

Together, Scav-Ox® and Scav-Ox® II offer effective oxygen removal over a wide range of boiler conditions. In addition, all have further important advantages:

  • They form a protective magnetite barrier.
  • They can be used throughout the steam-generating unit.
  • They don’t decompose to form corrosive products or solids.
  • They prevent formation of iron and copper oxide deposits.
  • They are compatible with other boiler treatment chemicals.
  • They also help control pH and equipment corrosion control.

Oxygen Scavenger Properties

ChemicalVolatileContribute SolidsContribute CO2Contribute OrganicsHazardous MaterialFlammable/CombustibleTheoretical Dosage
Sodium SulfiteNoYesNoNoNoNo8:1

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