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Hyrdrazine Applications

Other Applications for Hydrazine Products


Hydrazine is added to various urethane mixtures to crosslink or chain extend the polymers. Hydrazine is bi-functional and very nucleophilic, allowing for a rapid reaction with isocyanates and acrylates. Crosslinking increases the strength and durability of the plastics allowing them to meet more rigorous demands.


Hydrazine-based sulfur compounds such as dimercaptothiadiazole are the basis of a large number of lubricant additives.


Several anti-oxidant and metal deactivator compounds contain the hydrazine moiety. Its property as a base and as a reducing agent aid in this function.

Reducing Agents

Hydrazine is a powerful, clean, rapidly acting reducing agent. As a result of these properties, it is widely used in the reduction of noble metal, production of mirrors and recovery of precious metal. Since the reaction products of hydrazine are primarily nitrogen and water, no dissolved solids or deleterious by-products are added to the baths.


Hydrazine is used as a raw material in the production of flame-retardants, purification of muriatic acid and the production of iodine compounds.

Hyrdrazine Products