Company History

An Unparalleled Line for a Myriad of Uses

Beginning our journey back in 1953, we stood at the forefront of U.S. hydrazine production, fueling the very first Titan rocket. Our expertise has evolved alongside countless new applications for this versatile chemical, proving its relevance over seven decades.

With its direct use as an oxygen scavenger and energy source or as an indispensable intermediate for the production of various critical chemicals and polymers, hydrazine is one revolution we lead. We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified hydrazine manufacturing facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Our commitment to excellence also extends to our partnership with a fellow hydrazine producer ensuring seamless supply of hydrazine solutions not just for the United States, but globally. We have a proven record of meeting customer requests for unique hydrazine solution blends swiftly and efficiently.