Water Treatment

Equipment corrosion is costly. Metal repairs, lost energy and maintenance shutdowns are expensive propositions that can be inexpensively prevented with Calca Solutions’s Scav-Ox® line of Hydrazine products.

Calca Solutions’ Hydrazine can provide corrosion protection throughout the steam generating unit-in the preheater, boiler or condensate systems. It can also be utilized effectively in closed circulating hot water heating systems.

Scav-Ox®for Water Treatment and Equipment Corrosion Control

Advanced Safety: Calca Solutions’ ScavOx® 35% hydrazine prioritizes safer work environments with almost zero worker exposure to fumes.

Convenient Packaging Options: We offer a range of packaging options to suit diverse requirements.

Cost-Effective Treatment: ScavOx® hydrazine comes with a low equivalent weight, does not generate by-products requiring additional treatments, and offers a competitive price point.

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