What We Do

A small, reactive molecule with good reducing capabilities, our hydrazine can enter into diverse reactions in numerous applications.

What We Do

Pioneering Solutions

From powering space exploration to safeguarding essential life-saving pharmaceuticals, hydrazine sits at the very heart of our complex, interconnected world.

With its unparalleled reactivity and efficient decomposition, hydrazine provides the high-temperature, low molecular weight exhaust that’s crucial to rocket propulsion. Trusted by industry titans in the aerospace sector, these exceptional chemicals are as versatile as they are reliable. Hydrazine functions seamlessly in roles from electronics to petroleum refining.

Hydrazine hydrates are crucial components in agrochemical products like herbicides and fungicides, as well as pivotal catalysts in the plastics industry. Their unique ability to control oxidation safeguards essential infrastructure like supercritical boilers, reaffirming their silent yet significant role in the fabric of our modern world.


Hydrazine is a game-changer for modern agriculture, functioning as a key ingredient in the development of agricultural products that help growers boost plant growth, ward off disease, and maximize crop production. With the world facing rising food demand, hydrazine-based solutions offer a promising way for manufacturers to create effective tools to help farmers sustainably increase yields.

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Water Treatment

The water coursing through industrial equipment can corrode and degrade without proper treatment. Calca Solutions’s hydrazine is an effective tool, helping facilities prevent destructive corrosion and scale in boiler systems.

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Leading pharmaceutical companies use our high-purity hydrazine to synthesize important APIs. With its powerful reducing capabilities, Calca Solutions's high purity hydrazine is driving innovation in pharmaceutical synthesis.

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Whether used for satellite propulsion or sophisticated rockets, our high quality hydrazine guarantees superior, consistent performance every time. Trusted by industry giants, Calca Solutions is helping shape the future of space exploration and aeronautical innovation.

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